ABP & CBP Boost
Buff ID N/A
Passive ID 112

ABP & CBP Boost is an effect that causes the Arena Battle Points (ABP) and Colosseum Battle Points (CBP) to be increased by a specific percentage based on the strength of the effect.

ABP & CBP Boost effects do not affect point yields in Challenge Arena and Vortex Arena.

Interactions with Random Rules

Battles that have the No Leader Skill random rule in effect do not prevent ABP & CBP Boost effects from activating, as they are activated after the battle has concluded.


  • Gilded Seraph Vanila’s Leader Skill offers a 135% boost to ABP earned, as well as a 65% boost to CBP earned. Her batch from VA Season 3, all offer a similar ABP & CBP Boost. As such, winning an Arena battle using Vanila as a leader will grant 470 ABP, provided that bonus ABP is not factored in and the opponent has 3,000 or more total ABP higher than your own.
  • Leona’s Leader Skill offers a 65% ABP boost and a 40% CBP boost.


  • All Vortex Arena units released during odd-numbered seasons have ABP & CBP Boost effects on Leader Skill, while the units released during even-numbered seasons do not.

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