Added Effect to Leader Skill
Buff ID N/A
Passive ID 107

Added Effect to Leader Skill is a passive effect that adds a specific effect to a unit's Leader Skill. This effect exists on Spheres and SP options for specific units.

A unit utilizing these effects must be the Leader of the squad for the added effects to activate. Pre-existing effects of the same effect added to Leader Skill additively stack with each other.

Added effects to Leader Skill will fail to work if a Leader Skill does not exist. For example, equipping Miracle of Khons on a Metal Mimic that is the leader of the squad will not grant the 5% mitigation effect.


Examples of Application

  • Ken Kaneki (Omni) equipped with Cunei of Athum provides a 330% boost to Thunder and Light elemental damage, as well as a 30% boost to Fire, Water, Earth, and Dark elemental damage.
    • Kaneki must be the Leader of the squad in order for these effects to be activated.


  • There is currently no Elgif in the game that offers the Added Effect to Leader Skill passive.

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