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Added Elements
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Buff ID 30
Passive ID 102

Added Elements is an effect that add elements to attack. This is also referred to as “rainbow buffs” if a unit skill adds all elements to attack.

Due to the similar nature of multi-element damage, elemental buffs will never have any elemental disadvantage against the enemy. Additionally, Elemental Damage Boost effects, with the exception of the base 50% value, are not considered for damage calculations involving elements outside the unit’s original element.

An effect of a similar nature is Multi-element Damage.

Interactions with Elemental Mitigation

Elemental Mitigation will only take effect if it has all of the elements an attack utilizing Added Elements is dealing damage with. Elemental Damage bonuses only apply if a unit's original element is not part of the list of elements an enemy's mitigation buff can mitigate.

For example, a Fire unit with Fire elemental mitigation taking Fire and Water damage from a Water enemy's attack will not utilize the elemental mitigation buff. Additionally, because the Fire unit is taking Water damage from an enemy that is Water element, the unit taking damage will receive the damage including Elemental Damage bonuses.

Interactions with Enemy Triggers

If an enemy has an attack that is triggered upon receiving damage from a specific element, it will trigger even when receiving damage from an attack from a unit with an elemental buff that includes that particular element.


  • Dark Soul Dranoel has a rainbow buff (Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light, and Dark) on his SBB, and is equipped with Origin Slate.
    • Dranoel will deal only 50% more damage against Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Dark enemies as opposed to 75% because Dranoel’s original element isn’t effective against either one of the five elements listed.
    • Dranoel will deal 75% more damage against Thunder enemies because Dranoel’s original element is Earth.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Elembuff fire.png Add Fire DESC_BUFF_ADDFIRE Adds Fire element to attack.
Elembuff water.png Add Water DESC_BUFF_ADDWATER Adds Water element to attack.
Elembuff earth.png Add Earth DESC_BUFF_ADDEARTH Adds Earth element to attack.
Elembuff thunder.png Add Thunder DESC_BUFF_ADDTHUNDER Adds Thunder element to attack.
Elembuff light.png Add Light DESC_BUFF_ADDLIGHT Adds Light element to attack.
Elembuff dark.png Add Dark DESC_BUFF_ADDDARK Adds Dark element to attack.