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Alza Masta
Element Element Dark Dark
Gender Gender male Male
Eyes Purple (Body)
Hair Blue (Body), Bald (Soul)
Currently Body: Valdroar (Deceased)
Relatives Karna Masta (older brother)
First Appearance Valdroar
Aliases Chief God Alza Masta, Pious Emperor Alza Masta, Dark Emperor Alza Masta
Unit Counterpart Pious Emperor Alza Masta

Alza Masta is the younger brother of Holy Emperor Karna Masta, the highest ranking god in all of Grand Gaia. Only their own powers could rival those of one another. He was sealed away in Valdroar by his older brother thanks to the help of the Sealed Gods. He remained imprisoned for centuries, only a few knew about his existence.


A long time ago, Alza Masta was one of the Six Imperial Gods who ruled before the Divine Ten. A higher deity known as the Dark Emperor, he wielded the power of resurrection. When the Imperial Gods went into a war with each other, he sided with his older brother and together they won. Eventually, he came to disagree with his brother, which escalated to a fight leading him to be sealed inside the Divine Dragon in Valdroar with the help of the Sealed Gods.

After the death of Karna Masta and Lucius, the Abel Faction tries to identify and obtain the true power of summoning. Unbeknownst to them including Rahnas, Rahnas the leader of the Abel Faction is under the little influence of Alza Masta by the seeds he set out across many worlds. Rahnas absorbs Enchanted Armor Barvas and the Divine Dragons power to gain the true power of summoning. However, when Rahnas took the Divine Dragon's power, Alza Masta's soul was contained within it. When Rahnas' body reached its limit, Karna Masta's power over the Divine Dragon was released setting Alza Masta from imprisonment.

Alza Masta then possessed Rahnas' body, however, all the Sealed God's allocated their powers granted by Karna Masta to the summoner thus gaining true summoning power allowing the summoner to defeat Alza Masta in the possessed body. After this, Alza Masta's soul visits the Resurrection Temple built by the disciples of him and his brother. He realizes that Karna's and his souls, and power are linked after all and wishes to sever it before setting off to new worlds. When summoner destroys Alza Masta's soul he annihilates the part of himself related to his older brother and disappears.


  • "Children of men...I shall not destroy you. Under my rule, even the most primitive of beings such as yourselves shall find a purpose."
  • "Pious Emperor...You dare to call me by that name too...?"


Alza Masta is a benevolent deity and is quite opposite to the character of most Gods, believing that everything has their role in life. He hates anything related to his brother.