Buff ID 10027
Passive ID N/A

Amnesia is a debuff introduced in Brave Frontier II. It prevents the usage of certain skills on an afflicted unit.

In Brave Frontier

Chizuru affected by Amnesia, only allowing her to use SBB but not BB.

Units afflicted with Amnesia will have BB, SBB, and/or UBB disabled. This also means there is a possibility of Amnesia locking all three skills.

Bonded Brave Burst, Bonded Super Brave Burst, and Dual Brave Burst are unaffected by Amnesia.

When using the AUTO setting in the Auto Battle feature, AUTO will prioritize SBB first, then BB, and then normal attack, depending on whichever skills are available while Amnesia is in effect.

Each Amnesia infliction effect has a probability of disabling a skill, each for BB, SBB, and UBB as well as having a buff duration on how many turns Amnesia lasts on afflicted units or enemies. After each turn, the probability of disabling a skill is recalculated and the unit may have the same skill disabled or a different skill disabled which wasn't disabled the previous turn.

A debuff that works similarly to Amnesia is Ennui.

In Brave Frontier II

Units afflicted with Amnesia will have any of the following unavailable: BB, SBB, XBB, ALT Skills, and Leader Skills.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Amnesia.png Amnesia DESC_BUFF_AMNESIA Chance to forget BB/SBB/UBB.
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