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Sp quest banner autumn2018 paradise
Quest / Boss Energy Battles EXP EXP/Energy Rare Captures
Autumn Paradise 30 4 7,500 250
Unit ills thum 50792 

Notes: This dungeon can only be accessed once a day.

All units in this dungeon can be captured.

Token Yield:

  • Without bonuses: 100 Autumn Tokens
  • 1 bonus unit: 150 Autumn Tokens
  • 2 bonus units: 200 Autumn Tokens
  • 3 bonus units: 250 Autumn Tokens
  • 4 bonus units: 300 Autumn Tokens
  • 5 bonus units: 350 Autumn Tokens

General Zone Details
  • Autumn Child QiuTong and Lunar Maiden QiuTong are bonus units that can be used to increase the amount of Autumn Tokens obtained from the dungeon. The more copies in the squad, the more tokens obtained upon clearing. Be aware that using a friend's QiuTong will not activate the boost.
  • Event Bazaar: Brave Autumn 2018