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Artwork from Raid Battle
Element Element Earth Earth
Gender Gender female Female
Eyes Pink
Hair Cyan
Currently Unknown
Unit Counterpart Avani

Avani is a Morokai renegade.


The chieftain of a ragtag band of renegades. Fearing that Avani's presence would only further undermine his authority, Overlord Azurai dispatched his raiders to rouse a nest of giant desert Wyrms to lure them towards the location of the Rih'alnase.

Caught unprepared, Avani was completely overwhelmed by the beasts, and readied herself to sacrifice her own life to save those of her men. Turning herself into a whirling storm of blades, she drew the attention of the Wyrms toward herself. Perhaps fate was on her side that night. The battle drew the attention of a stranger nearby. A pair of brightly lit wings zipped from one Wyrm to another, cutting down the rest of the Wyrms quickly.

Enthralled by the stranger's overwhelming might and grace in combat, Avani realized that the stranger was a young lady who bore the horns of a Morokai as well. Avani didn't care who or what the stranger was, for in her heart was a debt of gratitude that could never be repaid. Surprising Avani yet again, the stranger asked to be part of the Rih'alnase. Avani readily agreed, pledging her eternal loyalty and friendship to her for the rest of her life.