BB-scaled Damage
Buff ID 61
Passive ID N/A

BB-scaled Damage is damage from an attack that scales based on how much BB gauges are filled among all units in the squad. As a result of this proc, all other units have their BB gauges drained.

BB-scaled Damage always contains a base BB Atk along with another modifier that is determined based on how many BB gauges are filled to full, independent on SBB gauge. For each unit that has a full BB gauge, the damage modifier will increase by a specified amount.


Total Modifier = Base Modifier + (BB-scaling Modifier * number of filled BB gauges)

For example, Sacred God Lucius using its UBB with five units with their BB gauges filled will have the following outcome:

  • Base Modifier is 1500%
  • BB-scaling Modifier is 1000%, which is then multiplied by 5
  • Total Modifier becomes 6500%
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