BB Atk Boost
Bb atk up.png
Buff ID 45
Passive ID 64

BB Atk Boost effects are additive boosts to the BB Atk modifier units have on their skills, effectively boosting damage output.

For more information on how BB Atk is factored into the damage calculation formula, see Damage.

Its opposite counterpart is BB Atk Reduction.

Interactions with the Attack stat

BB Atk modifiers, including buffs and passives, are factored into the Atk stat and thus, they are affected by Atk parameter limits.

Interactions with HP-scaling attacks

BB Atk boosts always apply last and cannot boost the HP-scaling modifier by any means.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Bb atk up.png BB Atk Up DESC_BUFF_BBATKUP Boosts BB Attack.

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