BC Cost Reduction
Bc cost down.png
Buff ID 11005
Passive ID 48
Not to be confused with BB Gauge Reduction and BB Gauge Consumption Reduction.

BC Cost Reduction is an effect that reduces the amount of BC required to use BB/SBB by a specific amount.

Elemental Synergy: Mist

See Mist

As of the Version 2.5.0 Update, Mist provides 100% BC cost reduction effects. Buff durations are listed in the table below.

Bond Levels Buff Duration
1~5 1 turn
6~7 2 turns
8~10 3 turns

Rules of Stacking

  • All passive sources of BC Cost Reduction stack additively with each other.
  • Total active and passive sources stack additively with each other.

Examples of Stacking

Increased BC Cost

It is possible to have negative values of BC cost reduction, causing BC cost to increase. This is notable in spheres such as Victory Chant which have increased BC cost effects as a penalty.

If units with negative BC cost reduction have Lock debuff effects active on the appropriate sources, BC cost requirement becomes reduced; however, once Lock debuff effects wear off, affected units will result in having higher BC cost requirements. If units had full BB gauges prior to Lock effects wearing off, those units will no longer have full BB gauges and will have to fill the leftover amount of the BB gauge that is resulted from increased BB gauge cost requirements.

Vortex Arena

In Vortex Arena, BC Cost Reduction is capped at 50%, making it impossible for units to achieve 0 BC cost.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Bc cost down.png BBCostReduction DESC_BUFF_BBCOST_REDUCTION Reduces BC required.


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