BC Fill when attacked
Bb when attacked buff.png
Buff ID 20
Passive ID 25

BC Fill when attacked (commonly referred to as “BB on Hit” or “BBoH”) is an effect that boosts BB gauges of units that receive any form of damage. This effect occurs once per enemy attack.

If units are hit by a Random Target attack, each random hit will boost BB gauges.

If an effect has a chance of boosting BB gauges when attacked, each attack calculates probability independently. For example, if a unit is hit with three different enemy attacks (not hit counts) and has a BB-on-hit effect that activates at a 50% chance, the said unit will have a total 87.5% chance of activating BB-on-hit at least once.

Additional Damage and Poison damage do not trigger this effect.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Bb when attacked buff.png Dmg BB Rec DESC_BUFF_DAMAGEBB Boosts BB gauge when attacked.
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