Barrier type fireBarrier type waterBarrier type earthBarrier type thunderBarrier type lightBarrier type dark
Buff ID 62
Passive ID N/A

Barrier is a buff that provides an extra layer of defense on the unit utilizing it. This buff cannot be removed by any means except by purging. Barrier also stacks with Shield.

Each barrier has a set amount of HP and Defense and an element type. While the barrier is active, all damage taken will be absorbed by the barrier instead. The barrier will break and wear off once it has taken the specified amount of damage. Since barriers have elements, elemental damage is taken into consideration during damage calculation. For example, a Fire barrier will take more damage from Water attacks, but less damage from Earth attacks.

Assuming element-added attacks are not active, non-elemental barriers do not receive any elemental bonuses and will not take additional or less damage from opposing or weaker elements.

Purging Barrier

Dual Brave Burst effects with Elemental Synergy: Quagmire can purge Barrier effects. Probabilities and buff durations are listed below.

Bond Levels Chance of Purging
1 60%
2 70%
3~4 80%
5~6 90%
7~10 100%

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Barrier type fire Fire barrier DESC_BUFF_FIRESHIELD Adds Fire barrier.
Barrier type water Water barrier DESC_BUFF_WATERSHIELD Adds Water barrier.
Barrier type earth Earth barrier DESC_BUFF_EARTHSHIELD Adds Earth barrier.
Barrier type thunder Thunder barrier DESC_BUFF_THUNDERSHIELD Adds Thunder barrier.
Barrier type light Light barrier DESC_BUFF_LIGHTSHIELD Adds Light barrier.
Barrier type dark Dark barrier DESC_BUFF_DARKSHIELD Adds Dark barrier.

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