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The Battle Hall is a facility that mimics the Summoners' Research Lab that it contains quests similar to Trials and Strategy Zones. This facility is only available in Summoner Avatar mode.


Rounds cost 50 energy to attempt. When you first arrive, only Round 001 will be available to you. No other rounds will be available to you until the previous round is completed. Gems cannot be used to revive should you fail in your attempts to complete a round.

Unlike Trials and Strategy Zones, you are limited to the squad you are currently using as well as one friend lead, similar to most other quests.


You will be rewarded with either the boss unit faced, evolution material, or an exclusive sphere as well as Gems, EXP and Zel if you managed to defeat them for the first time. Subsequent victories won't award anything.

List of Battle Hall Rounds

Battle Hall

Round No. 001Round No. 002Round No. 003Round No. 004

Research Lab For more information, see Summoners' Research Lab.