Item frame 3 Spheres

Blighted Seal
Sphere icon status boost
Sphere thum 818891
Item Lore:
An ancient piece of parchment inscribed with a litany in an unknown language which has been kept hidden by the Battle Maidens, and passed down from generation to generation. Its seal pulsates with a dark energy that slowly consumes the bearer's mind, eventually driving them to madness. Vanila has entrusted this dark relic to you, fearing that Lico would one day be consumed by her already unnatural bloodlust should it fall into her hands...
Boosts Atk by 100%, critical hit damage by 50%. Lowers Def & Rec by 20%
Adds +150% (+1.50) to critical damage multiplier.
Sale Price: Zell thum 50,000 Zel
Trade Value: Achievement p thum 500 Merit Points
Rarity: 5
How to Obtain