Krautzer Krautzer 1 October 2020

Crash Problem

Everytime I try to login on Brave Frontier after the recent update, the app crashes. Does anyone else have this problem?

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AsterTheSummoner AsterTheSummoner 25 September 2020

Questions about Nyami

Is it still possible to summon/obtain Alleycat Nyami? if so could i please have some info on how i can summon her? 

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Pandan213 Pandan213 7 August 2020

unit capacity

how to increase the unit capacity, does leveling alloww me to carry more?

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Leventplayroblox Leventplayroblox 27 June 2020


Can we use a vpn to download this game in banned land

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Zdragon88 Zdragon88 20 June 2020

tier list

hello guys

just a suggestion, maybe we could do a tier list of available units for newbies


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Amou JUne Amou JUne 7 May 2020


Hi , guys, i've recently played brave frontier and I omni Wintia. Is she Good???? to be in a team like raid, event, pvp, colli??

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DeltaHorizon020 DeltaHorizon020 1 May 2020

Personal Favorite Units of Brave Frontier as of 2020

Hehehe...Guess who's back? Anyways, yes, I retired from the game for good. But given that some people used this wiki to message me on some things. I don't see why not to be a bit active again in this wiki for a bit of a time then return to the obscurity back where I belong. I know other veterans quit the game due to personal reasons and most of them reaches 999 which is understandable and I don't blame them to do so.

Anyways, time for me to compile some list about my favorite units so far in the game in 2020 despite quitting the game like 2 years ago. And yep, much like the game, the list really changed as the time went by haha. Without further ado, let's begin shall we.

  • 1 Let's start with the honorable mentions first:
    • 1.1 Nice Burny
    • 1.2 Sibyl Si…

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ZRegicide ZRegicide 30 April 2020

Issue with Raid battle

Hello guys ! I created an account just to ask you this question. I'm having kind of a serious issue with raid battle : not only is there a big delay on every action I make. my game also crashes every single time I get to the boss battle, which makes the mode barely playable.

Do you think it could be caused by the fact that I am an EU player ? Do you have any solution in mind ? Please tell me !

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WarPanda30 WarPanda30 9 April 2020

Help team building and general questions

First: are mono teams better? Second:is this a good team? Cayena, Ciara, Korzan, Kassia, Osiris. I would like to use Mordred, Arthur, Ptah, Ophiucus, Morgana, Hetepheres, Ionia, Regil, Gazolina, Ilm, Astrid. Is someone of them usable in the team or are the ones in the team better?

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WarPanda30 WarPanda30 6 April 2020

Who instead of Xenon?

Arthur (Leader)





Which light unit can replace Xenon?

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