Brave Burst Recast
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Buff ID 70002
Passive ID N/A

NOTE: This is NOT the same thing as Extra Action, as Brave Burst Recast can work with Extra Action. For more information, see Extra Action.

Brave Burst Recast (also known as Recast and "Burst Rage" in the Europe version of the game), is a buff that allows units to perform the same action again on their BB, SBB, and UBB for the turn. When activated, it will recast the BB, regardless if the unit’s BB gauge is full or not.

For every action, a unit can only recast once while a Brave Burst Recast effect is active. Unlike Extra Action, effects from BB/SBB and UBB/DBB all contribute to the same recast effect.

Rules of Stacking

All sources of Brave Burst recast stack additively, regardless if they are active or passive sources.

For example, Time-Weaver Elaina's UBB provides an 80% chance of recast buff and Ken Kaneki's SBB provides a 20% chance of recast buff. Adding the two probabilities together results in a 100% total chance of recasting BB/SBB/UBB.

Interactions with Dual Brave Burst

Currently, it is not possible to recast DBB.

Interactions with Extra Action

With an Extra Action effect active, if the unit’s Recast effect was successful, there is a chance that the unit may be able to perform an action again.

For example, while Noble Prince Mordred’s Brave Burst Recast buff from his UBB and White Death Ravea’s Extra Action buff from her UBB are active, units can cast their Brave Bursts up to four times.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Burst rage buff.png Double BB DESC_BUFF_DBLBB_EU Chance of activating BB/SBB/UBB x2.


In quests where there is a limit on how many times you can BB/SBB with your units each turn, if a unit’s BB procs the Recast effect, the number of times a BB was used that turn will only be registered as 1 by the enemy. This also holds true for the Extra Action effect.


  • Brave Burst Recast is a buff that originated from the European server. This was imported to Global on the release of Dark Path Arthur.

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