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Brave Solstice
Data ID 8000007
Rarity 7★
Trade Value Achievement p thum 700 Merit Points
Unit ills full 50792
Extra Skill
Raises normal hit amount, hugely boosts critical hit damage & greatly boosts critical hit rate
Effect Values
Passive Effect Potency Target
Normal hit count buff Hit Count Boost +1 to each normal hit (100% extra hit damage modifier) To self
Crit dmg Critical Damage Boost 100% boost to critical damage To self
Stat up icon Parameter Boost 15% boost to critical rate To self
How to Obtain
  • Rare Summon Promotions
    • 1 Global Exclusive Elgif every 10 summons
  • Christmas Bundles
    • Xmas Bundle 3 ($34.99 USD)
  • Omni Arcanum
    • Omni Arcanum Lv. 3
  • Obtain from Frontier Hunter with HR 128