Break HP Parameter Limit
Twilight buff.png
Buff ID 11002
Passive ID N/A

Break HP Parameter Limit is an effect that causes the affected unit to increase their HP parameter cap from the base of 99,999 to a specific number determined by the limit break. By increasing the HP parameter limit, the affected unit is able to increase its HP parameter beyond the original cap of 99,999 until they reach the new cap. The highest current HP Parameter Limit in the game is 150,000, provided by a Dual Brave Burst with the Twilight synergy at max Bond Level.

If multiple sources of Break HP Parameter Limit are equipped onto a unit, the effect with the highest HP Limit takes precedence.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Twilight buff.png MaxHPBoost DESC_BUFF_HPBOOST Max HP boosted.
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