Item frame 2 Materials
Brute Claw
Item thum 506
Item Lore:
The rigid claw of a ferocious beast that resides in the lands of Agni. These beasts were deemed highly dangerous as they brought harm to many citizens. The ancient emperor rewarded those who slayed the beasts, therefore hunting them became a custom for proving a knight's strength. It is said that the beast's claws could even cut through steel armor, and blacksmiths of the Agni Empire used it to fortify blades with them. However, details of the forging techniques they used are still highly confidential.
The rigid claw of an extremely ferocious beast that resides in the lands of Agni.
Sale Price: Zell thum 50 Zel
Extra Skill:

Crafts Into
Sphere thum 1 1 Divine Sword 10
Sphere thum 3 1 Godly Staff 10
Sphere thum 2 7 Rakshult Gem 10

How to Obtain
  • Ryvern
    • Glomore Hallow
      • The Steamy Path: Agni
      • Swift Blowing Flames: Lava
    • Snow Area Khelne
      • Standing in the Snow: Sergio
      • A Wave of Blades: Mega
    • Stokhelna Forest
      • One Day in the Woods: Lidith
      • The Roar in the Trees: Douglas
    • Azura Ruins
      • Secret of the Blade: Falma
      • Fall of the Lightning Fortress: Emilia
    • Ryvern Mountains
      • The Foreboding Gunshot: Heidt
      • The Warrior and the Dragon: Will
    • The Abyss Caves
      • The Coiling Shadows: Shida
      • Unshakeable Fear: Alice
  • Agni
    • Agni Empire
      • Wild Bravery: Zegar
    • Agniria Coast
      • The Shining Ice Flow: Zephu
    • Granasta Plateau
      • Balance of Power: Lario
    • Thunder Summit Navara
      • Accumulation of Lightning: Weiss
    • King's Tomb
      • Where the Light Points: Luna
    • Lognea Cove
      • Living for Battle: Mifune
  • Mirvana
    • Cave of Darkness
      • The Commander of Fire (10)
  • Rakshult
    • Gadoum Furnace
      • Flowing Heat
      • Burning Splash
      • Within the Melting Point
    • Luminous River Falun
      • Within the Light
      • Shining Ripples
      • Dancing Lights - Lotan x3
      • Solemn River of Light
    • Botanical Garden
      • Growing Power
      • Jumping Plants
      • Fragrance of Nature - Finkell x3
    • Gimo Junkyard
      • Broken Order
      • Scattered Past
      • Ruins Full of Power
    • Shining Capital
      • Brilliant Megalopolis
      • Nightless Castle
    • Rakshult Underground
      • The World Below
      • Secret in the Dark
      • Treacherous Heart - Lulujann
    • Weather Tower
      • Pouring Rain
      • Enshrouding Clouds