Gameplay | Buffs, Debuffs and Status Ailments

In battle, units are capable of inflicting negative debuffs on the enemy, and the enemy can do the same to a player's units. Unlike basic status ailments, units and enemies are also capable of gaining positive buffs. There is currently only one item that can remove these negative debuffs and keep a player's party in top shape, while there are a variety of buffing items available. Buffs and debuffs do not carry over between battles.

General Buffs and Debuffs

Icon(s) Buff Notes Related Consumable Item(s)
Parameter boost icon A/Certain parameter(s) increase(s)/decrease(s) by a certain amount The maximum cap for each stat is at 99,999, unless the attack cap is raised by a unit skill or item. Atk Potion, Brute Elixir, Def Potion, Titan Elixir, Ares' Elixir, Remedy, Nian Gao
Crit rate up Critical hit rate increases Critical hit rate starts from base 10%, the cap is at 70%
Gradual heal Gradually restores HP Sacred Light, Lunar Treat, Mandarin Orange
Hc rate up Boosts Heart Crystal (HC) drop rate Demon Flute (only on FH), Box of Chocolates
Bc rate up Boosts Battle Crystal (BC) drop rate Ares' Flute, Holy Flute, Demon Flute (only on FH), Box of Chocolates
Item rate up Boosts Item drop rate Rainbow Cupcake, Lucky Potion
Angel idol Adds resistance towards 1 KO attack Angel Idol, Goddess Idol, Mystical Eggs

Param boost fire Param boost water Param boost earth Param boost thunder Param boost light Param boost dark

A/Certain parameter(s) increase(s) by a certain amount based on the specified element Fire Ore, Water Ore, Earth Ore, Thunder Ore, Light Ore, Dark Ore, Fire Seal, Water Seal, Earth Seal, Thunder Seal, Light Seal, Dark Seal, Blaze Stone, Wave Stone, Flora Stone, Bolt Stone, Gleam Stone, Shade Stone
Reduce element atk Reduces damage taken from enemies of the specified element
Resist ailment Status ailment(s) negated Tonic, Holy Water, Stimulant, Antidote, Nullifier
Gradual bb rec BB gauge increases at the end of each turn
Bb atked BB gauge fills when damage taken
Def ignore Ignores enemy's Def
Hitup Normal attack hit count increases
Bb atk up BB Atk increases
Dot icon Additional damage at end of turn
Overdrive Overdrive is unleashed When Overdrive is unleashed, you have 4 turns to activate UBB, if fail, the Overdrive and UBB Gauge resets. Hero Crystal
Add status atk1Add status atk2 Adds status ailments to attack
Atkdefrec down Reduces Atk, Def, and/or Rec by own condition caused
Raid dmg reduc Def increases in Raid Battle, activated by Def Crystal Def Crystal
Raid atkdefrec Atk Crystal
Spark hcbcitem Boost to BC, HC, and/or Item drop rate on Spark
Spark dmg Spark damage increases
Add element atk Adds element(s) to attack
Ele Weak Boosts Elemental Weakness damage
Dmg reduc Reduces damage taken
Damage reflect Reflects damage taken Cannot KO the foe.
Angel idol proc Probable resistance against 1 KO attack Cannot be buff-removed.
Hc downBc down BC and/or HC drop rate decreases
Spark vulnerability Inflicts spark vulnerability, causing more Spark damage when attacked
Bb atk down BB Atk decreases
Ailment attack up Boosts damage against status afflicted foes
Barrier Adds elemental barrier Cannot be buff-removed, effect(s) will not stack regardless whether it is UBB and/or BB/SBB. Also is not part of Max HP Dark: Dark Flask, Dark Vial
Bb fill spark BB gauge fills on Spark
Bb up guard BB gauge fills on Guard
Dmg reduc guard Further damage reduction on Guard
Bb fill rate down BB gauge fill rate decreases
Atkdefrec down negation Negates Atk/Def/Rec reduction effect
Self atkdefrecSelfish buff2 These are buffs that boost to self only, these buffs can be stacked with the other regular buffs
OD gauge rateup Boost to OD gauge fill rate
Sparkcrit Upon dealing Spark, critical damage may occur Also known as Spark critical
Heal atked Damage taken may heal HP
Drain hp Damage dealt heals HP
Spark heal hp Spark damage heals HP
Convert buff Atk/Def/Rec buffs that boosts relative to a certain parameter. Can be stacked with other regular buffs
Normal to aoe Normal attack may hit all foes
Crit reduc Critical damage reduction
Enemy attention
  • ON - Increases chance of getting targeted
  • OFF - Decreases chance of getting targeted
Attack twice Attacks for 2 turns in a row
Buff ubb icon Shows when a UBB buff is used. UBB effects can stack with the same effects from BB/SBB. Not including Barrier and max HP boost

Param down fire Param down water Param down earth Param down thunder Param down light Param down dark

A/Certain parameter(s) decrease(s) by a certain amount based on the specified element Buff does not exist yet
Param boost spark Parameter boosts on Spark Buff does not exist yet
Parameter up guard Parameter boosts on Guard Buff does not exist yet
Atkdefrec on spark Atk, Def, and/or Rec boosts on Spark Buff does not exist yet
Crit on spark Critical hit rate boosts on Spark Buff does not exist yet
Leader skill lock Invalidates Leader Skill
Eleweak reduc Elemental weakness damage reduction
Sparkdmg reduc Spark damage reduction
Cancel sphere Negates sphere effects
Jump buff Evasion - Chance to evade attacks from foes. The evasion rate is based on each hit independently.

Other buffs:

  • Max HP boost
    • Boosts max HP. Max HP boost is different from other buffs - it only takes the highest max HP buff regardless whether it is from BB/SBB or UBB. It cannot be stacked.

Global Exclusive Buffs and Debuffs

Icon(s) Buff Notes
Taunt Taunt - Unit with this buff will always be targeted 
Stealth Stealth - Unit with this buff will not be targeted, excluding attacks that strike on all enemies or attacks that strike enemies randomly
Eleshield Adds elemental shield - additional HP bar temporarily Becomes part of Max HP
Cancel damage Negates damage received from certain skill(s)
Skip buff Skips the foe's turn Exclusive to enemies only
Time buff Prevents the target from moving for one turn Exclusive to enemies only

Status Ailments

Battle bad icon

Each Status Ailment inflicted on your unit(s) will last for 3 turns. On enemies in Quests, Curse and Paralysis only last for 1 turn; the other ailments will last for 3 turns. In Arena and Colosseum, all status ailments will last for 3 turns on Player and Enemy sides.

  • Poison - Reduces HP by 10% of the max HP at the end of the turn
  • Weakness - Def decreases by half
  • Sickness - Rec decreases by half
  • Injury - Atk decreases by half
  • Curse - BB gauge stops filling and prevention of using BB
  • Paralysis - Unit cannot perform any action

Resonance Effect

Battle resonance icon

Unit crossSpark

Vargas and Avant triggering Cross-Spark

Sound effect upon triggering Cross-Spark.

Omni Rarity units have the capability to activate Resonance effect upon dealing Cross-Spark. Cross-Spark is triggered when the damage distribution of 2 or more Omni units of the same element reach 150% have been sparked. Note that if the enemy side are at Omni form, they can Cross-Spark you as well, with the same buffs stated below.

Resonance effect lasts for 2 turns (including the turn it's applied on) and will grant the following effects:

  • Atk, Def, Rec boosts
    • 10% boost to Atk, Def, Rec per unit that's the same element of the Omni unit after the first
    • e.g. 4 Thunder units in an Eze squad (including Eze himself) = 30% boost
    • Stat boost only applies to the same element units
  • Overdrive (OD) gauge fill rate boosts
    • 5% boost to OD fill rate per unit matching the Omni unit's element after the first
    • 5% boost when 2 units match the same element, up to 25% boost when 6 units match the same element
  • 1% damage reduction taken from the element that is strong against per unit matching the Omni unit's element after the first
    • 1% reduction when 2 units match the same element, up to 5% reduction when 6 units match the same element
    • Bonus applies to the entire squad

Items related to buffs and debuffs