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Gameplay | Buffs, Debuffs and Status Ailments

In battle, units are capable of inflicting negative debuffs on the enemy, and the enemy can do the same to a player's units. Unlike basic status ailments, units and enemies are also capable of gaining positive buffs. There is currently only one item that can remove these negative debuffs and keep a player's party in top shape, while there is a variety of buffing items available. Buffs and debuffs do not carry over between battles.

For a category list of all Detailed Buff Lists, see Detailed Buff Lists.

Active Effects

Effect Name Buff
Relevant or Related Links
Regular Damage 1 N/A
Burst Healing 2 N/A
Gradual Healing (HoT)
Gradual heal.png
3 33
BB Gauge Refill 4 N/A
Parameter Boost
(Atk/Def/Rec/Critical Rate)

Atk buff.pngDef buff.pngRec buff.pngCrit rate up.png
Paraboost fire atk.pngParaboost fire def.pngParaboost fire rec.pngParaboost water atk.pngParaboost water def.pngParaboost water rec.png
Paraboost earth atk.pngParaboost earth def.pngParaboost earth rec.pngParaboost thunder atk.pngParaboost thunder def.pngParaboost thunder rec.png
Paraboost light atk.pngParaboost light def.pngParaboost light rec.pngParaboost dark atk.pngParaboost dark def.pngParaboost dark rec.png
5 1
Drop Rate

Bc rate up.pngHc rate up.pngItem rate up.png
6 19
Guaranteed KO Resistance
Angel idol.png
7 69
Item thum 22200.png Angel Idol
Item thum 22210.png Goddess Idol
Max HP Boost 8 N/A
Parameter Reduction
Atk down.pngDef down.pngRec down.png
Paradown fire atk.pngParadown fire def.pngParadown fire rec.pngParadown water atk.pngParadown water def.pngParadown water rec.png
Paradown earth atk.pngParadown earth def.pngParadown earth rec.pngParadown thunder atk.pngParadown thunder def.pngParadown thunder rec.png
Paradown light atk.pngParadown light def.pngParadown light rec.pngParadown dark atk.pngParadown dark def.pngParadown dark rec.png
9 N/A
Status Cleanse 10 N/A
Status Infliction
Badbuff Poison.pngBadbuff Weak.pngBadbuff Sick.pngBadbuff Injury.pngBadbuff Curse.pngBadbuff Paralysis.png
11 20
Revive 12 N/A
Random Target Damage 13 N/A
Lifesteal Damage 14 N/A
HP Absorption.png HP Absorption
Elemental Mitigation
Elementalmitigation fire.pngElementalmitigation water.pngElementalmitigation earth.pngElementalmitigation thunder.pngElementalmitigation light.pngElementalmitigation dark.png
Status Negation
Statusnull poison.pngStatusnull weakness.pngStatusnull sickness.pngStatusnull injury.pngStatusnull curse.pngStatusnull paralysis.png
17 4
Normal Mitigation
Regular mitigation.png
18 8
Gradual BB Gauge Boost
Bb over time.png
19 9
BC Fill when attacked
Bb when attacked buff.png
20 25
Ignore Defense
Ignore defense buff.png
22 29
Spark Boost
Spark buff.pngSpark buff hc.pngSpark buff bc.pngSpark buff item.png
23 31
Parameter Conversion
Conversion attack.pngConversion defense.pngConversion recovery.png
24 40
Hit Count Boost
Normal hit count buff.png
26 37
Proportional Damage 27 N/A
Fixed Damage 28 N/A
Multi-element Damage 29 N/A
Added Elements
Elembuff fire.pngElembuff water.pngElembuff earth.pngElembuff thunder.pngElembuff light.pngElembuff dark.png
30 102
Burst BB Gauge Fill 31 N/A
Element Shift 32 N/A
Buff Removal 33, 63 N/A
BB Gauge Reduction 34 N/A
Leader Skill Lock
Ls lock.png
36 N/A
Summon Unit 37 N/A
Status Cure 38 N/A
Status Infliction Added to Attack
Add to attack poison.pngAdd to attack weakness.pngAdd to attack sickness.pngAdd to attack injury.pngAdd to attack curse.pngAdd to attack paralysis.png
40 20
Instant OD Fill 43 N/A
(Damage over Time)
Dot icon.png
44 N/A
BB Atk Boost
Bb atk up.png
45 64
Non-Lethal Proportional Damage 46 N/A
HP-scaled Damage 47 N/A
Piercing Proportional Damage 48 N/A
Instant Death 49 N/A
Damage Counter
Damage reflect.png
50 26
Parameter Reduction Added to Attack
Atk down to attack.pngDef down to attack.pngRec down to attack.png
51 N/A
BC Efficacy
Bb fill rate.png
52 32
Status Counter
Statuscounter poison.pngStatuscounter weakness.pngStatuscounter sickness.pngStatuscounter injury.pngStatuscounter curse.pngStatuscounter paralysis.png
53 71
Critical Damage Boost
Crit dmg.png
54 34
Elemental Damage Boost
Ewdbuff fire.pngEwdbuff water.pngEwdbuff earth.pngEwdbuff thunder.pngEwdbuff light.pngEwdbuff dark.png
55 50
Chance KO Resistance
Chance angel idol.png
56 69
Drop Rate Reduction
Bc drop rate down.pngHc drop rate down.png
57 N/A
Spark Vulnerability
Spark vulnerability.png
58 75
BB Atk Reduction
Bb atk down.png
59 N/A
BB-scaled Damage 61 N/A
Barrier type fire.pngBarrier type water.pngBarrier type earth.pngBarrier type thunder.pngBarrier type light.pngBarrier type dark.png
62 N/A
Consecutive Damage 64 N/A
Attack Boost on Status Afflicted Foes
Atk buff on statused foes.png
65 74
Revive 66 N/A
BC Fill on Spark
Bb on spark buff.png
67 47
Guard Mitigation
Guard miti buff.png
68 58
BC Fill on Guard
Bc on guard buff.png
69 61
BC Efficacy Reduction
Ares down.png
71 109
Parameter Reduction Negation
Status negate atk.pngStatus negate def.pngStatus negate rec.png
73 73
Element Squad-scaled Damage 75 N/A
Extra Action
Extra action.png
76 36
Self Parameter Boost
Self atk buff.pngSelf def buff.pngSelf rec buff.png
78 N/A
Player EXP Boost 79 97
Item thum 90000.png Experience Token
Item thum 90100.png Experience Badge
Spark Critical
83 100
OD Gauge Fill Rate
Od fill rate.png
84 70
Heal when attacked
Heal when hit.png
85 24
HP Absorption
HP Absorption.png
86 17
Heal on Spark
Hp on spark.png
87 101
Self Spark Boost
88 N/A
Self Parameter Conversion
Self buff atk convert.pngSelf buff def convert.pngSelf buff rec convert.png
89 N/A
Self Max HP Boost 92 53
Damage Resistance
(Critical/Elemental/Spark and %HP/AoE/TGT/DOT/NAtk)
Damagenull crit.pngDamagenull ewd.pngDamagenull spark.png
GLResist HP.pngGLResist AOE.pngGLResist TGT.pngGLResist DOT.pngGLResist NA.png
93, 10034 45, 53, 77
AoE Normal Attack
Aoe norms.png
94 96
Sphere Lock
Sphere lock.png
95 N/A
Extra Skill Lock
Es lock.png
96 N/A
Element Target Damage 97 N/A
Gradual OD Fill
Od over time.png
113 N/A
Gradual BC Drain
119 N/A
OD Gauge Reduction 123 N/A
DoT Mitigation
Dot miti.png
126 127
Lock On
Lock on.png
127 N/A
Parameter Reduction Counter
Status counter debuff atk.pngStatus counter debuff def.pngStatus counter debuff rec.png
130 N/A
Critical & Elemental Damage Vulnerability
Vuln crit.pngVuln ewd.png
132 N/A
Raid Healing 901 N/A
Item thum 70300.png God Crystal
Raid Parameter Boost
Raid buff atk.pngRaid buff def.pngRaid buff rec.pngRaid buff crit.png
902 N/A
Item thum 70400.png Atk Crystal
Item thum 1104.png Revenant Fragment
Raid Boss Reveal 903 N/A
Item thum 70000.png Beacon
Item thum 70600.png Detector
Raid Teleport 905 N/A
Item thum 70200.png Teleport
Raid Flee 906 N/A
Item thum 70100.png Smoke Bomb
Raid Damage Mitigation
Raid buff miti.png
907 N/A
Item thum 70500.png Def Crystal
Raid Item Drop Rate Boost 908 N/A
Item thum 91000.png Fortune Box
Item thum 91100.png Fortune Coffer
10000 N/A
10001 N/A
Shield fire.pngShield water.pngShield earth.pngShield thunder.pngShield light.pngShield dark.pngShield colorless.png
Damage Immunity
Damage immunity.png
10004 N/A
Turn Skip
Turn skip ver1.png
10005 N/A
Time Stop
Turn skip ver2.png
10006 N/A
Evasion buff.png
10007 N/A
Elemental Spark Boost
Elemspark fire.pngElemspark water.pngElemspark earth.pngElemspark thunder.pngElemspark light.pngElemspark dark.png
10015 11004
Elemental Critical Damage Boost
Elemcrit fire.pngElemcrit water.pngElemcrit earth.pngElemcrit thunder.pngElemcrit light.pngElemcrit dark.png
10016 11004
Max HP Reduction
Maxhp reduce.png
10018 10018
Effect Purge 10019 N/A
Piercing Damage 10020 N/A
Active Healing Reduction
Active heal reduce.png
10021 N/A
Passive Healing Reduction
Passive heal reduce.png
10022 N/A
HC Efficacy Reduction
Hc heal reduce.png
10023 N/A
KO Resistance Negation
Ai null.png
10025 N/A
Doom debuff.png
10026 N/A
10027 N/A
10028 N/A
Instant Synergy Gauge Fill 10029 N/A
10031 N/A
Final Charge
Finalcharge buff.png
10032 N/A
Refill Consumable Items 10033 N/A
Negative HP-scaled Damage 11000 N/A
Piercing DoT
Pierce dot.png
11001 N/A
Break HP Parameter Limit 11002 N/A
Effect Negation
Negate lock.pngNegate hp reduce.pngNegate heal resist.pngNegate purge.pngNegate drain.pngNegate skip.pngNegate doom.pngNegate amnesia.pngNegate ennui.png
11003, 11004 N/A
BC Cost Reduction
Bc cost down.png
11005 48
Mana Bubble Shield
Mana bubble.png
70001 N/A
Brave Burst Recast
Burst rage buff.png
70002 N/A

Passive Effects

Effect Name Buff
Relevant Links
Parameter Boost 5 1
Elemental Parameter Boost 5 2
Type Parameter Boost 5 3
Status Negation 17 4
Elemental Mitigation 16,
Normal Mitigation 18 8
Gradual BB Gauge Boost 19 9
HC Efficacy N/A 10
HP-conditional Parameter Boost N/A 11
HP-conditional Drop Rate Boost N/A 12
BC Fill on Enemy Defeat N/A 13
Chance Mitigation N/A 14
Heal on Enemy Defeat N/A 15
Heal on Battle Won N/A 16
HP Absorption 86 17
Drop Rate
6 19
Status Infliction 11 20
Parameter Boost for First X Turns N/A 21
BC Fill on Battle Won N/A 23
Heal when attacked 85 24
BC Fill when attacked 20 25
Damage Counter 50 26
Target Chance Boost N/A 27
HP-conditional Target Chance Boost N/A 28
Ignore Defense 22 29
BB-conditional Parameter Boost N/A 30
Spark Boost 23 31
BC Efficacy 52 32
Gradual Healing (HoT) 3 33
Critical Damage Boost 54 34
BC Fill when attacking N/A 35
Extra Action 76 36
Hit Count Boost 26 37
Parameter Conversion 24 40
Element Squad-based Parameter Boost N/A 41
Gender Parameter Boost N/A 42
Damage Reduction to 1 N/A 43
Flat Parameter Boost N/A 44
Damage Resistance 93 45, 53, 77
Parameter Boost based on HP N/A 46
BC Fill on Spark 67 47
BC Cost Reduction 11005 48
BB Gauge Consumption Reduction N/A 49
Elemental Damage Boost 55 50
Added Effect based on HP N/A 55
Guard Mitigation 68 58
BC Fill when attacked while guarding N/A 59
BC Fill on Guard N/A 61
Elemental Mitigation for First X Turns N/A 63
BB Atk Boost 45 64
BC Fill on Critical N/A 65
Added Effect to Brave Burst N/A 66
Chance KO Resistance 56 69
OD Gauge Fill Rate 84 70
Status Counter 53 71
Effect Occurrence Shift N/A 72
Parameter Reduction Negation 73 73
Attack Boost on Status Afflicted Foes 65 74
Spark Vulnerability 58 75
Conditional Effect after taking damage N/A 78
BC Fill after taking damage N/A 79
Conditional Effect after dealing damage N/A 80
BC Fill after dealing damage N/A 81
Conditional Effect after receiving BC N/A 82
Conditional Effect after receiving HC N/A 84
BC Fill after receiving HC N/A 85
Conditional Effect after sparking N/A 86
Conditional Effect on Guard N/A 88
Conditional Effect on Critical N/A 89
Status Infliction on Critical N/A 90
Spark Boost for First X Turns N/A 91
Sphere thum 5 2.png Delusion Device
Ignore Defense Negation N/A 92
Added Elements 30 93, 102
AoE Normal Attack 94 96
Player EXP Boost 79 97
Ignore Sphere Combination Rules N/A 99
Spark Critical 83 100
Heal on Spark 87 101
BB Atk Boost based on HP N/A 103
Spark Boost based on HP N/A 104
Turn-based Parameter Boost N/A 105
Conditional Effect after Overdriving N/A 106
Added Effect to Leader Skill N/A 107
BC Efficacy Reduction N/A 109
BB Gauge Reduction N/A 110
Increased Brave Burst Activation Chance N/A 111
ABP & CBP Boost N/A 112
Conditional Effect based on HP N/A 113
Inflict Effect when attacked N/A 114
DoT Mitigation N/A 127
Normal Attack Mitigation N/A 128
Break Atk Parameter Limit N/A 143
Specific Damage Mitigation N/A 10008
Elemental Spark Boost 10015 11004
Elemental Critical Damage Boost 10016 11005
Summoner EXP Boost N/A 11006
Item thum 92000.png Experience Water
Item thum 92100.png Experience Tonic
Item thum 92200.png Experience Pill
Item thum 92300.png Experience Serum
Effect Duration Boost N/A 11009