Burst Healing
Buff ID 2
Passive ID N/A

Burst Healing (also referred to as “HP Restoration” or “Instant Healing”) is an effect that restores HP of units in the squad upon using a skill, such as Brave Burst.

Each unit with any form of Burst Healing has base minimum and maximum values along with an additional value relative to the healer’s Recovery stat.

There are two types of Burst Healing:

  • One-frame Healing: All healing occurs in one frame.
  • Frame-based Healing: Healing is distributed within a set of frames.

A counterpart of Burst Healing is Gradual Healing.

The formula for burst heal is as follows:

Final Healing = RandomBetween(Minimum Base Heal, Maximum Base Heal) + Healed Unit's Total REC + (Healer's Total REC * Healer REC Bonus)

An example would be a Lord-type Terminator Lilith being healed by a Lord-type Wise Mage Elimo’s SBB with a heal range between 3160-3360 base heal and 27% REC bonus:

Final Healing = RandomBetween(3160, 3360) + 1649 + (2184 * 27%) = 5398 ~ 5598

Interactions with Shields

Shields that have taken damage cannot restore HP. Thus, Burst Healing cannot heal lost HP from the Shield buff.

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