The 12 Guardians of the Gods consists of 12 heroes who served the gods. The leader of the Guardians, Sodis, rebelled against the gods. He was joined by five other Guardians, and the remaining six Guardians fought against them, as they were seen as traitors.

The current relationships will be detailed in the following list, with the former, or "traitor" Guardians preceding the current Guardians:

  • Ramna ― believes and follows → Sodis (forced to fight with Farlon, her boyfriend) → tried to shield Sodis, then died by Farlon's stab.
  • Signas ― fiercely loyal to → Sodis (opened her heart to only to Sodis, no one else) → survived the battle, concealed her true identity under the nickname "One-Eyed Swordswoman".
  • Luly ― wants to have fun with → Sodis (only follows him because she is bored) → died by Farlon after she laughed upon his despair.
  • Grybe ― believes and follows → Sodis → tried to stop Farlon from rampaging, laid a mortal blow to Farlon. At the same time, he was pierced by Farlon.
  • Sodis ― betrayed the gods and leads the five Guardians who follow him (betrays the gods after learning of their plan to eradicate humans) → died by Alyut.
  • Zephyr ― believes and follows → Sodis (later leaves to find out the truth himself) → survived the battle, concealed his true identity by using his family name.

  • Farlon ― exceedingly angry with → Sodis (struggles to defeat Sodis, but to no avail) → killed by Grybe after went berserk after accidentally killed Ramna.
  • Raydn ― unsure about the betrayal by → Sodis (harbors no ill will, but wishes to fight one on one with Sodis)
  • Ophelia ― believes the just path is with → the gods (rivals with Signas) → left after her battle with Signas to find out the truth, killed on her way to find it.
  • Rina ― zealous follower of → the gods (blindly follows them, even after learning of their plans from Sodis) → killed by Farlon.
  • Alyut ― younger brother of → Sodis (angered by his betrayal, learns the truth after dealing a final blow to Sodis, and possibly jealous of Sodis for being favored by Lunaris, his childhood love)
  • Lunaris ― follows → Alyut (unsure about Sodis' betrayal, encouraged by Alyut to defeat the traitors)

Several years later after the 12 Guardians' final battle, Signas and Zephyr were the only survivors and witnessed the war of the humans and the gods.

Note: Lunaris, Signas, and Zephyr can be evolved into Omni Evolution Form.

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