These units all share blood relations or are friendly with previously released units.

  • Orwen ― is the older brother ofAgni (despised by his brother, Agni; instructor of Lava)
  • Arius ― looks up toMega (heavily admires Selena)
  • Faris ― is the younger sister ofLidith (disciple of Logan; ally of Leore)
  • Garnan ― is the grandfather ofElulu (spoiled her, while being harsh on his subordinates; also mentor to Rashil)
  • Hogar ― is the father ofAlma (adventured together with Alma's mother as a family)
  • Elza ― is the older sister ofAlice (ordered by her father to protect Alice, also the niece of Chrome).

Note: Elza can be evolved to her Omni Evolution Form.

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