The sacred Guardians of Meirith consists of six people from the La Veda Republic who worshipped the Holy Emperor Karna Masta. On one fateful day during a demon-slaying expedition into the lands of Ishgria, they would receive word that an unknown group was planning to attack Karna Masta. The group would divide into two; with one half leaving to defend Karna Masta and the other half staying in Ishgria to carry on with their mission. Sadly for them, the half who left would fall in battle against a group of warriors led by the Oracle Knight and the Oracle Maiden, while the other half who stayed behind in Ishgria would leave no trace of what happened afterwards in the history books.

Those who left:

  • Claire ― the elder twin sister of Colt who was admired by many people due to her prowess in combat. She is also overprotective to her brother.
  • Colt ― the younger twin brother of Claire who wishes to become as strong as his sister. Has an instance of a jealousy towards Quaid.
  • Fadahl ― contracted an incurable disease while striving to become a priest. Was later picked by Karna Masta as a Guardian and bestowed him an armor that will completely cure him off the disease. He is Quaid's right-hand man.

Those who stayed:

  • Quaid ― an adventurer and an expert swordsman. Has a strong sense of justice and talented with a possible leader figure. He somehow doesn't take Diana's feelings seriously.
  • Diana ― a fisherman's daughter who was appointed as a Guardian due to her great skill with the sword. Bears a romantic feelings with Quaid but the latter did not even take her seriously.
  • Ivris ― Themis' younger sister and a genius sorceress. Disliked being antagonized by Themis, she was later appointed as a Guardian and left home without a moment's hesitation. She found her excellent prowess in the battlefield after traveling to Ishgria. She decided to stay behind Ishgria and entrusted Fadahl with a letter that was meant to be deliver to her family. She will do anything in order to protect her family until the bitter end.

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