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Xenon & Estia's Saga is a trio of Vortex Events that allow the capturing of three different units. They are only available here:

  • Xenon can be found in Unholy Tower.
  • Estia can be found in Unholy Tower -Dark Side-.
  • Xenon & Estia can be found in XE Prologue.

Both the original Xenon and the original Estia must be in the squad to access Xenon & Estia: Prologue.

Elaina and Grandt are also from Elysia.  Elysia is the world of Xenon & Estia, which is tied to the world of Athensphere from the Soul Bound Saga due to Draegar's appearance.

  • Elaina She is a time mage of Elysia.  She is also a mercenary.  She worked along with Grandt to fight Draegar when Elysia came under attack.
  • Grandt originally a soldier of Elysia.  He became a mercenary.

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