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Chance KO Resistance
Chance angel idol.png
Buff ID 56
Passive ID 69

Chance KO Resistance is an effect that grants the unit a chance of resisting a KO. Upon utilizing this effect, the unit is immune from reaching 0 HP by any means until the end of the same turn, often leaving the unit with 1 HP.

This buff, along with Barrier and Max HP Boost, is unique in that it cannot be buff-wiped; however, KO Resistance Negation can ignore Angel Idol buffs, killing the target.


KO Resistance effects from different sources can stack. This includes:

  • Leader Skill
  • Spheres
  • Extra Skill
  • Elgif
  • SP Enhancements
  • Brave Burst

The priority order in which Angel Idol effect from different sources is used in the order of Leader Skill, Friend Leader Skill, Sphere Slot 1, Sphere Slot 2, Extra Skill, Elgif, SP Enhancement option, and Brave Burst.

Only one type of conditional Guaranteed KO Resistance buff can be active at a time. For example, Immortal Firewing Blaze equipped with Sacred Staff will undergo a scenario in which the conditional KO Resistance buff Sacred Staff has cannot stack with Blaze's conditional KO resistance buff. Instead, the condition that fulfills last will take effect.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Chance angel idol.png Add KO Block DESC_BUFF_KOBLOCK Adds chance of defending against a knockout once.

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