Revive (Chance)
Buff ID 66
Passive ID N/A

Chance Revive is an effect that has a chance of resurrecting the target from being KO’d. Various Revive buffs revive the target with a set percentage of HP.

Some units’ skills, such as Blazing Phoenix Feng’s UBB, can have a 100% chance to revive KO’d units, making them guaranteed revives.


When a unit becomes revived, it revives with a set amount of HP with no buffs. Reviving a unit while using another unit’s revive effect will not grant the revived unit the other buffs that come with the skill of where the revive effect originated from. This is due to the mismatch in the frames of when the unit revives and when the buffs of the skill using the revive effect come into play.

For example, if Empyrean Juno-Seto revives a dead unit, that unit will not be buffed with the buffs that Juno-Seto carries, such as Damage Mitigation and Gradual Healing.

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