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Item frame 5 Raid Materials & Items

Item thum 800003 Item Lore
Rainbow-hued and light as a feather, the strange fabric known as "Cloudweave" is spun from the sik of indigenous spiders of Orebus. Though paper-thin, it is surprisingly flexible, making it a popular choice in crafting.
Rainbow fabric woven from Orebi spidersilk. Thin yet flexible, it is a popular crafting component.
Sale Price: Zell thum 20 Zel
How to Obtain
  • Raid Battle - RC7 (Revenant - Left Fist, Right Fist)
    • Fiend of Fire (max 4 per run)
    • Fiend of Fire II (max 8 per run)
    • Tidal Terror (max 4 per run)
    • Tidal Terror II (max 8 per run)
    • Subterranean Shadow (max 4 per run)
    • Subterranean Shadow II (max 8 per run)
    • Thundering Tyrant (max 4 per run)
    • Thundering Tyrant II (max 8 per run)
    • Shattered Sentinel (max 4 per run)
    • Shattered Sentinel II (max 8 per run)
    • Devil in the Dark (max 4 per run)
    • Devil in the Dark II (max 8 per run)
    • Dichroma Chaos (Harvest)
  • Video slots - Drops from the free daily slots (fixed amount of 15)

Crafts Into
Item Name Quantity
Ls sphere thum 3 8 Giselle's Kiss 100
Sphere thum 5 9 Seventy-two Forms 999

Important Tips

Always target the arms of the Revenant bosses when raiding in Raid Class 7! The only way to obtain more drops from raids is to defeat the body parts of bosses. You can obtain more Cloudweave drops from defeating the Left Arm of Revenant bosses in Raid Class 7.