Conditional Effect after sparking
Buff ID N/A
Passive ID 86

Conditional Effect after sparking is a passive effect that adds an effect to the unit upon sparking a certain amount of times. The effect can stack with itself as long as they both do not provide the same active buff. In the case that they do, the effect will be based on the reinforcement unit's Leader Skill and not the party unit's Leader Skill.

Rules with Conditional Effects

  • Same effects will not stack, even if the conditions are different.
    • If multiple conditions are met for the same effect, the effect from the most recent condition fulfilled will take precedence.
    • Drop Rate Boost effects are exempt from this if they are provided by HP-conditional Drop Rate Boost.
  • Conditional Effects are treated as passives. Thus, they stack additively with other passive sources of the same effect.

Examples of Stacking

  • Brave Leader Alessa’s 20% damage reduction after 20 Sparks on her Leader Skill and Strife God Afla Dilith’s 250% BB Atk modifier after 15 Sparks on his Leader Skill will stack, with the unit having 20% damage reduction and +250% BB Atk modifier after 20 Sparks.
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