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Name Plate
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World Grand Gaia
Total Areas 8
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"A region newly discovered by the Akras Summoners’ Hall. Rumored to be teeming with dangerous monsters, much of its territory is yet to be explored."

Cordelica is the fourth region available that is unlocked by defeating Thunder King Eze in Asekutt Wastelands of Morgan.

Clearing Giant's Ruins grants access to Lizeria provided Palmyna has also been cleared. Additionally, clearing Cordelica is one of the pre-requisites to unlocking Proud Soldier's Feast in Grand Quest.

List of Dungeons in Cordelica

Dungeon Element/Notes
Greskya Caves Element Fire.png
Ignia Falls Element Water.png
Lomass Forest Element Earth.png
Valtan Fortress Element Thunder.png
Tower of Light Element Light.png
Cordelica Mine Element Dark.png
Giant's Ruins N/A
Ignia Cavern EX Dungeon
Grand Gaia

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