Critical Damage
Crit dmg.png
Buff ID 54
Passive ID 34

Critical Damage buffs and passive are boosts to damage upon dealing a critical hit, multiplying the overall damage by the total Critical Damage multiplier. It is one of three multiplicative damage bonuses, with the other two being Spark Boost and Elemental Damage Boost.

The base value of Critical Damage starts at 150%, assuming no other resistances are in effect.

All bonuses to critical damage stack additively. If the attack fails to land a Critical hit, the damage is instead multiplied by a randomly generated value between 0.9 and 1.0, inclusively.

The critical damage bonus caps at 700%, including buffs and passives. This means including the 150% base critical damage bonus, 550% is required from buffs and passives to cap the critical damage bonus. If resistances are in effect, the cap takes in effect after calculations are applied. If the final value exceeds 700%, the overall Critical Damage bonus will reduce down to 700%.

There is also a minor boost to damage equivalent to the unit’s Atk divided by a random number between 25 and 32, inclusively. This increased damage is not affected by elemental or critical multipliers but is affected by any future multipliers.



Interactions with Elemental Paradigm

If the conditions for Paradigm 3 are met, all Critical Damage Boost effects will have their buff durations extended by 1 turn.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Crit dmg.png Crt Up DESC_BUFF_CRTUP Boosts critical damage.


Hard content, including quests from Grand Gaia Chronicles, Summoners’ Research Lab, and Frontier Gate, generally contain enemies that have built-in resistance against critical damage.

Enemy resistance comes in two forms - base damage resistance and buffed damage resistance. These act as multiplicative factors that reduce parameters.

Global Exclusive content, such as Frontier Rift, Grand Quests (notably from Everlasting Embrace onwards), Guild Raid, and Special Dungeons (such as Of Snow and Flames, Glitch in the Heart, Redemption of Osiris, etc.) emphasize on the usage of critical damage, where resistance is minimal compared to the non-Global Exclusive content.

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