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Defensive Action is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Brave Frontier II. It is mainly used by the main antagonists when they prepare to attack the player's party. Depending on the player's performance, the damage and effects of their attack can change.

Each defensive action can have the following results:

  • Perfect
  • Finish
  • Miss

Players who do not wish to go through defensive actions may turn them off in the Settings but this will make the result default to Miss which gives the attack maximum damage and effects.


Defense Zado

Players must move the Akras emblem and dodge the blasts.

  • Perfect - Do not get hit by any blasts.
  • Finish - Get hit once.


Defense Hilda

Players must destroy snakes by swiping the screen.

  • Perfect - Destroy all snakes.
  • Finish - Miss at least 1 snake.


Defense Lune

Players must tap the pink ice spirits and avoid the blue ice spirits.

  • Perfect - Do not hit any blue spirits and hit all pink spirits.
  • Finish - Tap at least 1 blue spirit or fail to hit all pink spirits.


Defense Melfel

Players must find at least 1 frowning card from the set.

  • Finish - Find at least 1 frowning card.


Defense Barragan

Players must tap the screen and push back Barragan's advance.

  • Perfect - Push Barragan all the way to the left side.
  • Finish - Barragan isn't pushed back completely.


Defense Ranford

Players must deflect Ranford's slashes by tapping on the slashes.

  • Perfect - Deflect all slashes.
  • Finish - Miss at least 1 slash.


Defense Shaia

A sequence will flash and players must recreate the sequence before time runs out.

  • Perfect - Get the correct sequence within 2 attempts.
  • Finish - Get the sequence wrong on a third try or run out of time.


Defense Elhaza

Players must dispel the dark energy by either tapping a certain number of times or swiping in a given direction.

  • Perfect - Dispel all dark energy
  • Finish - Fail to dispel all dark energy by having at least once get to the bottom of the screen or by doing the wrong thing on an energy.