Effect Duration Boost
Buff ID N/A
Passive ID 11009

Effect Duration Boost is an effect that can either extend the turn duration of certain buffs or reduce the turn duration of specific debuffs.

For example, Nia, Maverick of Elysia's Extra Skill effect reduces the duration of the Turn Skip debuff by 3 turns. This makes her immune to any Turn Skip effects that last for less than 3 turns.

Buff Application

If a unit's buff were to have its effect duration reduced to 0 turns, the effect will not apply at all. This also means a buff with an effect duration of 0 turns cannot overwrite pre-existing buffs.

For example, if Damage Mitigation effects have their effect duration reduced by 2 turns, Reborn Íkaros Azius' 3-turn mitigation effect on SBB will only last for 1 turn. If Divine Savior Mikael's 2-turn mitigation effect on SBB were to activate, Mikael's mitigation effect will not overwrite Azius' mitigation effect.

A Feast of Tears

BFWiki AFeastOfTearsEffects

Certain quests have invisible enemies usually named A Feast of Tears. These are not meant to be targeted, as they cannot be targeted without scrolling through each enemy that appears in battle while checking enemy buffs. Additionally, they have Damage Immunity and Stealth effects active throughout the entire fight. When present in battle, they reduce the buff turn duration of the following effects:

Buff Buff Icons
Damage Mitigation Regular mitigation
Elemental Mitigation Elementalmitigation fireElementalmitigation waterElementalmitigation earthElementalmitigation thunderElementalmitigation lightElementalmitigation dark
Evasion Evasion buff
Parameter Boost Atk buffDef buffRec buffCrit rate up
Self Parameter Boost Self atk buffSelf def buffSelf rec buffSelf crit buff
Elemental Parameter Boost Paraboost fire atkParaboost fire defParaboost fire recParaboost water atkParaboost water defParaboost water recParaboost earth atkParaboost earth defParaboost earth recParaboost thunder atkParaboost thunder defParaboost thunder recParaboost light atkParaboost light defParaboost light recParaboost dark atkParaboost dark defParaboost dark rec
Parameter Conversion Conversion attackConversion defenseConversion recovery
Self Parameter Conversion Self atk buffSelf def buffSelf rec buff
Spark Boost Spark buff
Self Spark Boost Self spark buff
Elemental Spark Boost Elemspark fireElemspark waterElemspark earthElemspark thunderElemspark lightElemspark dark
Critical Damage Boost Crit dmg
Elemental Critical Damage Boost Elemcrit fireElemcrit waterElemcrit earthElemcrit thunderElemcrit lightElemcrit dark
Elemental Damage Boost Ewdbuff fireEwdbuff waterEwdbuff earthEwdbuff thunderEwdbuff lightEwdbuff dark
Gradual BB Gauge Boost Bb over time
BC Fill when attacked Bb when attacked buff
BC Fill on Spark Bb on spark buff
BC Efficacy Bb fill rate
OD Gauge Fill Rate Od fill rate
Gradual OD Fill Od over time

A Feast of Tears generally reduces the duration of the above effects by 2 turns while present. Exceptions to this include the following:

Effect Content
3-turn reduction
4-turn reduction
  • Battle 5 of Frontier Spire's Unknown Sector
    • Occurs only if A Feast of Tears is present while Phantom Ensa-Taya is alive
    • Multiple copies of A Feast of Tears can be summoned, causing effect durations to be reduced by an additional 2 turns for each A Feast of Tears present


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