Effect Purge
Buff ID 10019
Passive ID N/A

Effect Purge is an effect found on some units that can cleanse at least one type of effect.

Elemental Synergy

Some Elemental Synergies have the ability to purge certain debuffs, including the following.


See List of Units with Mist.

Mist has a chance to purge Amnesia.png Amnesia from all allies.


See List of Units with Nova.

Nova has a chance to purge Leader skill lock.png Leader Skill Lock, Es lock.png Extra Skill Lock, and Sphere lock.png Sphere Lock effects from all allies.


See List of Units with Quagmire.

Quagmire has a chance to purge Barrier and Shield effects, regardless of which element the buffs are.

Barrier type fire.pngBarrier type water.pngBarrier type earth.pngBarrier type thunder.pngBarrier type light.pngBarrier type dark.png Barrier
Shield fire.pngShield water.pngShield earth.pngShield thunder.pngShield light.pngShield dark.pngShield colorless.png Shield


See List of Units with Radiance.

Radiance has a chance to purge Maxhp reduce.png Max HP Reduction, Active heal reduce.png Active Healing Reduction, Passive heal reduce.png Passive Healing Reduction, and Hc heal reduce.png HC Efficacy Reduction effects.


See List of Units with Tempest.

Tempest has a chance to purge Turn skip ver1.pngTurn skip ver2.png Turn Skip effects.

Negating Purge Effects

Dual Brave Burst effects with Elemental Synergy: Eruption can negate Purge effects. Probabilities and buff durations are listed below.

Bond Levels Probability Buff Duration
1 60% 3 turns
2 70% 3 turns
3~4 80% 3 turns
5 90% 3 turns
6 90% 4 turns
7 100% 4 turns
8~10 100% 5 turns

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