Elegant Aurelia
Unit No. 8070
Data ID 850135
Element Element Light Light
Gender Gender female Female
Rarity 5
Max Lv. 80
Cost 17
Arena Type 6
Colosseum Legality BFWiki Warrior Class
BFWiki Gladiator Class
BFWiki Conqueror Class
BFWiki Hero Class
Base 3,843 987 1,092 1,137
Lord 5,490 1,410 1,560 1,625
Anima 6,083 1,410 1,560 1,467
Breaker 5,490 1,568 1,402 1,625
Guardian 5,490 1,410 1,718 1,546
Oracle 5,490 1,410 1,481 1,862
Rex 6,478 1,529 1,679 1,744
Final, in-game stats may differ slightly
Unit Types also provide special passive bonuses. For more information, see this page.
Max Imp Unit ills thum 40432 500
Unit ills thum 10452 200
Unit ills thum 20442 200
Unit ills thum 30432 200
Note: Omni+ Boost stats are only available in the Global version of Brave Frontier.
Miscellaneous Info
Normal 8-Hit Combo 16Icon dc (2Icon dc/hit)
Hit Count
Drop Check
Damage Modifier
BB Icon dc —% 21 BC Battle crystal icon
Leader Skill: Benevolent Soul
Negates all status ailments & 15% boost to max Def and Rec for all Units
Brave Burst: Melody of Restoration
Gradually recovers HP for 3 turns</span> & all status ailments removed and negated for 3 turns
Buff Values
Active Effect Potency Buff Duration Target
Gradual heal Gradual Healing Heals 1600~1800 + 10% Rec of HP each turn 3 turns All allies
Gradual heal Status Cure Removes all status ailments All allies
Statusnull poison Status Negation Negates all status ailments 3 turns All allies
Hidden buff value(s) is/are based on unit's max levelled BB/SBB (10).
Value(s) may be lower if the level is not at max.

Animation Frame Data
Move Idle Attack
Unsupported Unsupported Unsupported
Movement Speed/Type
Normal Attack Skill (BB/SBB/UBB)
Move Speed 4 4
Speed Type 3 3
Move Type Stationary Stationary
Normal Attack
Frames 12, 22, 32, 42, 62, 68, 76, 82
Distribution (%) 9, 11, 10, 13, 13, 15, 14, 16
Chain Unit ills thum 850134 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 850135 Evolve arrow sm Unit ills thum 850146 Unit ills thum 850147
Prev Cost Unit ills thum 50123 Unit ills thum 850034 Unit ills thum 870034 Unit ills thum 50122 Unit ills thum 60143
Zell thum200,000 Zel
Next Cost Unit ills thum 850125  Unit ills thum 50123 Unit ills thum 850034 Unit ills thum 870034 Unit ills thum 60224
Zell thum500,000 Zel
How to Obtain (besides Evolving)
Unit Quotes
Summon Fear not my children, I will protect you from the scourge.
Fusion Stand in my light and you shall be healed.
Evolution What is this strange power? I...I feel stronger now. Perhaps more people can be saved.
Unit Lore
Aurelia of the Light, as some called her. A demi-god born on the first light of the first day. Aurelia encompassed the kindness and humanity that Athensphere so sorely needed. There were those who wielded power, might, and intellect for the sake of the lands, but she held a gentleness that charmed every warrior's soul, bringing them in touch with their own humanity. She was the 'mother' that all young-demi-gods went to in times of need for comfort and advice. When the Augmentation Wars broke out, Aurelia was appointed Grand Healer by Zedus. Together with a pair of twinborn cupids who were in her service, they attended to the casualties of the war. But as the war raged on, Aurelia was forced to fight the enemies who started breaching the region.
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