Elemental Damage Boost
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Buff ID 55
Passive ID 50

Elemental Damage Boost (also known as Elemental Weakness Damage or EWD for short) buffs and passives are boosts to damage upon dealing damage to an enemy of the opposing element to the attacking unit. It is one of three multiplicative damage bonuses, with the other two being Spark Boost and Critical Damage Boost.

The base value of Elemental Weakness Damage starts at 150%, assuming no other resistances are in effect. This will always take in effect as long as the unit is dealing any form of advantageous damage, including elemental buffs. This is represented by big numbers that appear when dealing advantageous damage.

All bonuses to elemental damage stack additively. Unlike critical damage, elemental damage does not have a cap. Additionally, any resistance applied to elemental weakness damage is always subtractive to the bonus value instead of multiplicative.

Damage becomes halved if the unit is dealing disadvantageous damage, which is represented by small numbers upon dealing damage.

Of particular note is that Base Element Resistance only applies if the unit is naturally weak to the target element, in the same way that buffed elemental weakness damage only applies in that situation.

Interactions with Elemental Paradigm

If the conditions for Paradigm 3 are met, all Elemental Damage Boost effects will have their buff durations extended by 1 turn.

Interactions with Shield Buffs

Shields, such as from units like Tridon, have elements of their own, including weaknesses and resistances. As such, earth shields take additional damage from fire elements and less damage from thunder elements until the shield buff wears off.

Units with any element of the Shield buff do not change their attacking elements.

Examples of Application

  • Spirit Conjurer Astrid equipped with Heaven's Edge contains all Added Elements, as well as the 100% elemental damage boost from the sphere.
    • If hitting a Fire enemy, Astrid will utilize all Elemental Damage bonuses from Heaven's Edge, applying 250% (150% base + 100% from Heaven's Edge) elemental damage to it. This is due to Astrid's element being Water, being advantageous over Fire.
    • If hitting a non-Fire enemy, Astrid will only utilize the base Elemental Damage bonus, applying only 150% as opposed to 250% from the previous example. This is due to Astrid's element being Water, which is hitting elements that are not disadvantageous to Water.



In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Ewdbuff fire.png Fire Dmg Up DESC_BUFF_FIREDMGUP Boosts Fire elemental damage.
Ewdbuff water.png Water Dmg Up DESC_BUFF_WATERMDGUP Boosts Water elemental damage.
Ewdbuff earth.png Earth Dmg Up DESC_BUFF_EARTHDMGUP Boosts Earth elemental damage.
Ewdbuff thunder.png Thunder Dmg Up DESC_BUFF_THUNDERDMGUP Boosts Thunder elemental damage.
Ewdbuff light.png Light Dmg Up DESC_BUFF_LIGHTDMGUP Boosts Light elemental damage.
Ewdbuff dark.png Dark Dmg Up DESC_BUFF_DARKDMGUP Boosts Dark elemental damage.

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