Elemental Paradigm is a Global Exclusive buff applied when conditions of a squad are fulfilled with the use of Omni+ Boost.

Equipping 3 or more same element Omni+ units in the squad will activate Elemental Paradigm which provides additional passive parameters and damage boost effects of increasing effectiveness relative to the number of same element Omni+ units. This will complement the Omni Resonance mechanic and arm players with an additional edge for using mono elemental squads to employ in current and upcoming global content.

Elemental Paradigm is also intended to encourage more unit collection, squad building strategies and optimization. While mixed-elemental squads and specifically rainbow-elemental (due to specific leader skills) are much easier to form and will still be viable for most content, players are encouraged to plan and strengthen their mono-elemental squads as we will be attempting to develop new global content that will cater to such squads.


The table below specifies the total accumulated passive effect values bestowed at each Paradigm Level.

Paradigm Level Squad Conditions Parameters Boost Spark damage Boost Critical damage Boost Elemental damage Boost Increased active effect turn duration
  • 3 same element Omni+
  • 3 Omni+1
  • Minimum Omni rarity
5% 10% 20% 10% N/A
  • 4 same element Omni+
  • 3 Omni+2
  • Minimum Omni rarity
10% 30% 40% 20% N/A
  • 5 same element Omni+
  • 3 Omni+3
  • Minimum Omni rarity
20% 70% 80% 50% +1 turn duration

Important Notes

  • For the current iteration, Helper/Friend leader units will not contribute to the activation of these effects, nor be able to receive these effects due to technical constraints. Receiving of effects will be fixed in the next game version update while activation contribution will unfortunately require further evaluation.
  • Elemental Paradigm will not work for Summoner’s Arc content. At the moment, it also does not work for Strategy Zone content.
  • Effects and values are subject to change.
  • The following buff effects are considered active effect types:
    • Parameter boost effects
    • Elemental damage boost effects
    • Damage reduction effects
    • Critical hit rate boost effects
    • Critical damage boost effects
    • Spark damage boost effects
    • Spark critical boost effects
  • Note that active effects not listed above will not stand to benefit from the increased turn duration, for example:
    • HP restoration effects
    • BC, HC and item drop rate effect
    • BC efficacy and BB/OD-gauge related boost effects
    • Taunt, Stealth, Evasion and Shield effects
    • Extra Action and BB re-activation effects
    • Add Element to Attack effect
    • Negation effects (eg. status ailment, critical, spark and elemental damage)

Example Activation Scenarios

Scenario A:

Player battle squad has 2 Water Omni+1, 2 Water Omni+2, 1 Water Omni (+0) and 1 Water Omni+3 Helper. Only Paradigm Level 1 (Water) will activate from this squad setup based on these checks: With the exclusion of the Helper unit, there are 4 Omni+ units of the same element (Water), however there are not 3 Omni+2 units, hence the squad is not eligible for Paradigm Level 2.

Scenario B:

Player battle squad has 4 Dark Omni+3, 1 Dark 7 stars, 1 Thunder Omni+1 Helper. No Paradigm will activate here based on these checks: With the exclusion of the Helper unit, even though there are 4 Dark Omni+3, the 7 stars unit disqualifies the squad from Paradigm activation.



Elemental Paradigm is represented by a glow effect on the elemental icon of each unit UI frame in the battle scene. The descriptions of the effects are printed in a new section of the battle status window.