Elemental Parameter Boost
Paraboost fire atk.pngParaboost fire def.pngParaboost fire rec.pngParaboost water atk.pngParaboost water def.pngParaboost water rec.png
Paraboost earth atk.pngParaboost earth def.pngParaboost earth rec.pngParaboost thunder atk.pngParaboost thunder def.pngParaboost thunder rec.png
Paraboost light atk.pngParaboost light def.pngParaboost light rec.pngParaboost dark atk.pngParaboost dark def.pngParaboost dark rec.png
Buff ID 5
Passive ID 2

Elemental Parameter Boost is an effect that boosts stats only if the unit’s element matches the element required.

As a buff, this functions exactly like normal counterparts of Parameter Boost; however, Elemental Parameter Boosts can stack with normal Parameter Boost.

As a passive, Elemental Parameter Boosts will only apply to units of the element it boosts parameters for. For example, Solar Essence Orb’s “45% boost to all parameter types” effect will apply to Ordainer Hakuzo, but not to Demoniac Czorag.

Interactions with Elemental Paradigm

If the conditions for Paradigm 3 are met, all Elemental Parameter Boost effects will have their buff durations extended by 1 turn.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Paraboost fire atk.png Fire Atk Up DESC_BUFF_FIREATKUP Boosts Attack for Fire types.
Paraboost fire def.png Fire Def Up DESC_BUFF_FIREDEFUP Boosts Defense for Fire types.
Paraboost fire rec.png Fire Rec Up DESC_BUFF_FIRERECUP Boosts Recovery for Fire types.
Paraboost water atk.png Water Atk Up DESC_BUFF_WATERATKUP Boosts Attack for Water types.
Paraboost water def.png Water Def Up DESC_BUFF_WATERDEFUP Boosts Defense for Water types.
Paraboost water rec.png Water Rec Up DESC_BUFF_WATERRECUP Boosts Recovery for Water types.
Paraboost earth atk.png Earth Atk Up DESC_BUFF_EARTHATKUP Boosts Attack for Earth types.
Paraboost earth def.png Earth Def Up DESC_BUFF_EARTHDEFUP Boosts Defense for Earth types.
Paraboost earth rec.png Earth Rec Up DESC_BUFF_EARTHRECUP Boosts Recovery for Earth types.
Paraboost thunder atk.png Thunder Atk Up DESC_BUFF_THUNDERATKUP Boosts Attack for Thunder types.
Paraboost thunder def.png Thunder Def Up DESC_BUFF_THUNDERDEFUP Boosts Defense for Thunder types.
Paraboost thunder rec.png Thunder Rec Up DESC_BUFF_THUNDERRECUP Boosts Recovery for Thunder types.
Paraboost light atk.png Light Atk Up DESC_BUFF_LIGHTATKUP Boosts Attack for Light types.
Paraboost light def.png Light Def Up DESC_BUFF_LIGHTDEFUP Boosts Defense for Light types.
Paraboost light rec.png Light Rec Up DESC_BUFF_LIGHTRECUP Boosts Recovery for Light types.
Paraboost dark atk.png Dark Atk Up DESC_BUFF_DARKATKUP Boosts Attack for Dark types.
Paraboost dark def.png Dark Def Up DESC_BUFF_DARKDEFUP Boosts Defense for Dark types.
Paraboost dark rec.png Dark Rec Up DESC_BUFF_DARKRECUP Boosts Recovery for Dark types.
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