Elemental Spark Boost
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Buff ID 10015
Passive ID 11004

Elemental Spark Boost is an effect that boosts Spark damage for certain elements only. If multiple Spark Boosts effects of different types are used, they will stack additively, regardless if the boosts are buffs and passives.

Unlike other damage bonus buffs, Spark Boost buffs can activate and update in the middle of unit attack animations.

For more information on sparking, see Spark.

Examples of Stacking

  • Righteous Sun Cayena’s 50% Spark buff for Fire elements on her BB and Demon Champion Raaga’s 90% Spark buff on his SBB will result in a total 140% Spark damage bonus for Fire elements only while all other elements will only receive 90% Spark damage bonus.
  • Righteous Sun Cayena’s 50% Spark buff for Fire elements on her BB and Goddess Juno-Seto’s 180% Spark buff for Fire elements on her SBB will not stack with each other. Whichever unit reaches to the enemy target last will have their Spark buff active.

Interactions with Elemental Paradigm

If the conditions for Paradigm 3 are met, all Elemental Spark Boost effects will have their buff durations extended by 1 turn.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Elemspark fire.png Fire Spark damage boost DESC_SPARK_UP_DMG_ELEMENT_FIRE Fire Spark damage boost.
Elemspark water.png Water Spark damage boost DESC_SPARK_UP_DMG_ELEMENT_WATER Water Spark damage boost.
Elemspark earth.png Earth Spark damage boost DESC_SPARK_UP_DMG_ELEMENT_TREE Earth Spark damage boost.
Elemspark thunder.png Thunder Spark damage boost DESC_SPARK_UP_DMG_ELEMENT_THUNDER Thunder Spark damage boost.
Elemspark light.png Light Spark damage boost DESC_SPARK_UP_DMG_ELEMENT_LIGHT Light Spark damage boost.
Elemspark dark.png Dark Spark damage boost DESC_SPARK_UP_DMG_ELEMENT_DARK Dark Spark damage boost.

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