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Duration: Nov. 01, 07:00 PST - Dec. 03, 23:59 PST (2018)

Earn Fairy Tail tokens from the “Fairy Tail II” dungeon and exchange them for rare Elgifs, the exclusive Fairy Heart sphere, and many other rewards!


Please keep in mind that all Fairy Tail Tokens can only be used during this period of time. After Dec. 03, 23:59 PST, the Fairy Tail Collaboration Event Bazaar will end and all remaining Fairy Tail Tokens will be forfeited. Please do spend all your Fairy Tail Tokens before the collaboration dungeon ends!


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The currency to spend during the event, as seen below, is called the "Fairy Tail Token." Bring along these Fairy Tail units to the Fairy Tail 2, The Black Wizard, and Dragon of Destruction dungeons to receive bonus Fairy Tail tokens for completing these missions!

Bonus Units[]

Name Bonus Tokens
Unit ills thum 830647Unit ills thum 830648Gajeel Redfox 15
Unit ills thum 850647Unit ills thum 850648Wendy Marvell 15
Unit ills thum 860647Unit ills thum 860648Zeref 15
Unit ills thum 860637Unit ills thum 860638Acnologia 15
Unit ills thum 840547Unit ills thum 840548Erza Scarlet 10
Unit ills thum 850547Unit ills thum 850548Lucy Heartfilia 10
Unit ills thum 810547Unit ills thum 810548Natsu Dragneel 10
Unit ills thum 820547Unit ills thum 820548Gray Fullbuster 10
Unit ills thum 850637Unit ills thum 850638Mavis Vermilion 5
Unit ills thum 860547Unit ills thum 860548Mard Geer 5

Name Token Cost Quantity
Almighty Imp Arton 150 5
Fire Mecha God 200 2
Water Mecha God 200 2
Earth Mecha God 200 2
Thunder Mecha God 200 2
Light Mecha God 200 2
Dark Mecha God 200 2
Miracle Totem 20 5
Omni Frog 450 2
Burst Queen 350 3
Burst Emperor 250 5
Raise (Elgif) 1500 1
Brave Fairy Lv. 2 (Elgif) 3500 1

Name Token Cost Quantity
Fairy Heart 2500 1

Name Token Cost Quantity
Elementum Tome 45 25
Elementum Tome 60 50
Geminus Tome 45 15
Geminus Tome 60 25
Amber Butterfly 500 6


The items in the Fairy Tail Event Bazaar will refresh to their maximum limit on Nov. 14, 00:00 PST except for the following items:

  • Raise, Brave Fairy Lv. 2, and Fairy Heart

In addition, these Bonus Items will be added into the Fairy Tail Bazaar on Nov. 14, 00:00 PST!

Name Token Cost Quantity
Re-Raise (Elgif) 1500 1
Brave Shadow Lv. 2 (Elgif) 3500 1
Terra Aeterno Lv. 2 (Elgif) 2500 1
Umbra Aeterno Lv. 2 (Elgif) 2500 1
Anniversary Summon Ticket 1500 1
Summon Ticket 2500 1