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Duration: Aug. 29, 00:00 PST - Oct. 02, 23:59 PST

In modern times, the descendants of the druids have renounced their bestial ways for civilization. Feòra, a moody, teenaged beastkin, takes a walk on the wild side when she encounters Hyshka, an aspirant of the Old Ways. Can this unlikely duo bridge the cultural gap to solve the woes of the woods?

Collect Duilleagan tokens from playing "Hornet's Nest" and "Clean-Up Crew" to purchase new seasonal Elgifs - 8★ Natural Order and 7★ Unfaltering Oak.


  • Players can exchange for Hyshka only if they have obtained him through other means, such as Autumn Gem Summon Mystery Chest and Day 10 of the Brave Autumn 2019 Login Campaign.

Bonus Units

Name Token Bonus
Unit ills thum 860787Unit ills thum 860788 Feòra 10%
Unit ills thum 840788 Hyshka 5%

Event Bazaar Item List

Name Token Cost Quantity
Summon ticket Acorn Ticket 2000 1
Item thum 800907 Elementum Tome x10 200 10
Item thum 800908 Geminus Tome x5 100 15
Item thum 111000 Legend Stone 200 2
Item thum 880244 Amber Butterfly 650 5
Guild Token x1000 100 8
Guild Relic x1000 350 5
Unit ills thum 850628 2 Sero-Anya, Eternal Light Alternate Art 2000 1

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