Duration: Mar. 04, 00:00 PST - Mar. 31, 23:59 PST (2020)

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Each day, delve into the Spring Paradise Dungeon where the brave will be greatly rewarded! Come and get your daily dose of Spring Tokens, Zel, Karma and EXP!

Earn Spring Tokens from Spring Paradise for use in “Brave Spring 2020" Event Bazaar!

Token Bonus Units

Name Token Bonus
Unit ills thum 830698 Deepwood Syrinx Miell 15%
Unit ills thum 830697 Miell 10%
Unit ills thum 850628 Sero-Anya, Eternal Light 15%
Unit ills thum 840568 N'an-Wang-Mu 10%
Unit ills thum 860167 Void Pasha Ensa-Taya 10%
Unit ills thum 850167 Empyrean Juno-Seto 10%


  • Using multiple bonus units will stack your token bonuses. However, friend units will not count towards the token bonus.

Event Bazaar

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