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Duration: Jul 12 0:00 ~ Aug 17 23:59 PST

Welcome to Brave Frontier’s Summer Paradise! Grab a cold drink and save that spot under the sun - the pursuit of victory is at hand! Frogs, Imps, Emgifs, Elgifs and more await those who dare explore our limited-event dungeon! So what are you waiting for? Get going!

Spend these Matsuri tokens at the Summer Event Bazaar where you’ll find Amber Butterflies, Omni materials and the all new Exclusive Elgif: Brave Summer!

Note: The Summer Paradise dungeon may only be cleared once per day.

Bonus Unit[]

Name Bonus Tokens
Unit ills thum 820568 Endless Abyss Tsovinar 50
Unit ills thum 820567 Tsovinar 50

<tabber> Units=

Name Token Cost Quantity
Brave Summer Elgif 1,500 2
Omni Frog 200 5
Ignis Aeterno Lv. 1 Elgif 250 2
Algor Aeterno Lv. 1 Elgif 250 2
Terra Aeterno Lv. 1 Elgif 250 2
Fulgur Aeterno Lv. 1 Elgif 250 2
Lux Aeterno Lv. 1 Elgif 250 2
Umbra Aeterno Lv. 1 Elgif 250 2

|-| Other=

Name Token Cost Quantity
Amber Butterfly 250 6
Elementum Tome 15 100