Extra Action
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Buff ID 76
Passive ID 36

NOTE: This is NOT the same thing as Brave Burst Recast, as Extra Action can work with Brave Burst Recast. For more information, see Brave Burst Recast.

Extra Action is an effect enabling the unit to act an additional time within the same turn.

Extra Action takes effect at the end of a unit’s action, usually at the end of the attack animation or as soon as the unit returns to its original position. When taken effect, the targeted unit will be able to act once again, enabling the player to use the unit to normal attack, use BB/SBB/UBB, or activate Overdrive.

Multiple Extra Action buffs from BB/SBB and UBB/DBB all stack independently and individually, with UBB/DBB buffs taking precedence, followed by BB/SBB. This means that if an Extra Action buff from BB/SBB were to be consumed first, that unit cannot utilize Extra Action buffs from UBB/DBB until their number of actions have been reset.

Interactions with Overdrive

Upon Overdriving, the unit will have their number of actions reset to 0, meaning that the unit can utilize however many actions they initially had prior to Overdriving again.

Interactions with Brave Burst Recast

Each action has a specified chance of activating Brave Burst a second time if there is a Brave Burst Recast buff active.

For example, while Noble Prince Mordred’s Brave Burst Recast buff from his UBB and White Death Ravea’s Extra Action buff from her UBB are active, units can cast their Brave Bursts up to four times.


In quests where there is a limit on how many times you can BB/SBB with your units each turn, if a unit’s BB procs the Recast effect, the number of times a BB was used that turn will only be registered as 1 by the enemy. This also holds true for the Extra Action effect.

Additionally, enemies check for the most recent action taken by units when their AI checks for the player squad's actions upon determining the activation of certain enemy skills.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Extra action.png Double Strike DESC_BUFF_DBLSTRIKE Attack for 2 turns in a row.


  • Extra Action was originally coded by Alim, but went unused in the Japan version of the game.
    • The buff was then ported into the Global version of the game, which was first introduced on Gaston.


  • If a unit utilizes Extra Action, that unit cannot guard, forcing them to either normal attack or use a skill.
  • If any unit manages to activate Extra Action effect, Dual Brave Burst cannot be used for the turn, even if no other units are attacking.
    • This can be circumvented by swiping a Dual Brave Burst that provides an Extra Action buff, such as All That Remains (Ravea & Galea), slightly to the left. This prevents the DBB selection window from closing, allowing another Dual Brave Burst to be used if there are enough Synergy Shards.

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