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The Survey Office has been revamped and a new version of Frontier Hunter is available to all Summoners! Unlike the previous version of Frontier Hunter, there are some very noticeable differences which include:

  • Each Summoner is now given 5 Hunter Orbs instead of 3.
  • Each Hunter Orb regenerates for 2 hours instead of every 3 hours.
  • Your Service Points no longer accumulate. Only your highest score will be recorded and used as data to compete against other summoners so do your best!
  • The new Frontier Hunter now has individual rules which have various rules that you must follow.
  • Similar to the Terminus mode from the old Frontier Hunter format, all challenges will now feature fixed enemy formations.
  • Instead of Service Points, Summoners now earn Hunter Points when completing each Frontier Hunter mode.

Rules and Rankings[]


Frontier Hunter now features individual rankings for each individual game mode so now you'll have to strive to complete each game mode to the best of your abilities. Each individual game mode also has various rewards based on how well you did on each game mode.


In the newly improved Frontier Hunter, every season will feature a variety of modes, each with its own set of rules which will dictate what kind of squads Summoners should use. These rules are:

  • Score Attack
    • This mode is similar to the old Frontier Hunter where your score is calculated based on damage dealt to enemies, the amount of Sparks, number of turns needed to defeat enemies, etc. **You are given a maximum of 30 turns to complete the entire Quest.**
  • Time Attack
    • This mode will test how quick you can defeat enemies. Your ranking is purely based on the time it takes to complete the entire Quest.
  • Special Rules
    • Every season of Frontier Hunter will feature special rule modes, some such as prohibiting certain elements from participating or certain mechanics giving more score. Each special rule stage is similar to Score Attack or Time Attack.


Unlike the old version of Frontier Hunter, this version allows Summoners to bring their own items to further help them conquer the Frontier.


As Service Points are no longer in service, Hunter Points are what Summoners use instead. Accumulate Hunter Points by clearing stages in the Frontier or given as rewards for doing well in the season.