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Fervor Aegis
Data ID 8000513
Rarity 7★
Trade Value Achievement p thum 700 Merit Points
Unit ills full 50792
Extra Skill
40% boost to all parameters of Fire, Thunder types, boosts Fire, Thunder elemental damage for all allies, 10% damage reduction from normal attacks & adds resistance against 1 KO attack after activating OD
Effect Values
Passive Effect Potency Target
Paraboost fire atk Elemental Parameter Boost 40% boost to all parameters of Fire and Thunder units To self
Ewdbuff fire Elemental Damage Boost 15% boost to Fire and Thunder elemental damage All allies
Regular mitigation Normal Attack Mitigation Reduces normal attack damage by 10% To self
Od over time Conditional Effect after Overdriving When unit overdrives, activate the following effect(s): To self
How to Obtain
Trivia, Additional Information & Notes
  • Only obtainable once per account