Final Charge
Finalcharge buff.png
Buff ID 10032
Passive ID N/A

Final Charge is a buff that makes affected units invincible during the buff duration. Upon buff expiration, the unit dies permanently. Units that die as a result of Final Charge cannot revive until the the current battle ends or the quest finishes. This buff appears exclusively on the Elemental Synergy Blast.

While being invincible, units with Final Charge take 0 damage from all forms of damage taken. They are also not affected by effects that can instantly KO units and death from Doom.

Interactions in Summoners' Research Lab

In Strategy Zone, a unit with Final Charge that is swapped out will not die upon buff expiration, as units that are swapped out in Strategy Zone have their buffs removed.

Elemental Synergy: Blast

The Elemental Synergy: Blast provides the Final Charge buff to all allies. Upon expiration, all units will die permanently. Buff potencies and durations are listed below.

Bond Levels Buff Duration
1~5 4 turns
6~10 6 turns

Interactions with Doom Negation

Any effect that negates Doom, such as from Pyre, cannot prevent Doom from applying as a result of Final Charge.

In-Game Descriptions

Buff Namespaced ID In-Game Description
Finalcharge buff.png FinalCharge DESC_BUFF_FINALCHARGE Invincible but dies upon expiry.


  • Prior to March 4, 2020, upon use of Elemental Synergy Blast, all currently present units would have their max HP depleted to 1. Additionally, any forms of healing would have the heal value reduced to 0. This was later changed to allow HP scaling damage to become more effective.
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