Item frame 2 Materials
Forever Bone
Item thum 904
Item Lore:
The man who first found this bone in Lizeria was so impressed by the beauty of it, he thought it was a bone-shaped ornament crafted out of silver. However, closer examination showed that it was just a beast's bone. The secret to its mysterious beauty is unknown, but it continues to mesmerize many with its ethereal beauty and silvery shine.
A beautiful bone that has an eternal shine like silver.
Sale Price: Zell thum 40 Zel
Extra Skill:

Crafts Into
Sphere thum 5 2 Demon Shard 3
Sphere thum 5 4 Lizeria Gem 3
Sphere thum 2 6 Wulgee Gem 10

How to Obtain
  • Lizeria
    • Lodan Frozen Lake
      • The Bullet in the Ice: Siren
    • The Impassable Marshlands
      • Boiling Muddy Water: Vampire
      • Roots in Nirvana: Eltri, Lodaga
    • The Black Bridge
      • A Hero's Destiny: Vampire, Ziz, Dryad (5th battle)(3)
  • Wulgee
    • Avor Lightning Bridge
      • Thunder Path: Amy
      • Lightning Run: Weiss
    • Forsaken Disciple's Lair
      • Remaining Light - Lubradine
      • Luminous Tower - Sefia
      • Overflowing Light - Luna and Lilith
    • Demon Cavern Feig
      • Hole of Darkness - Lira
      • Demon Crystal Cave
      • Falling Shadow