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Frontier rift banner.png


Located in the Survey Office in Imperial Capital Randall, Frontier Rift allows Summoners to fight through floors of increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Hunter Orbs, similar to those used during Frontier Hunter, are required to participate in the Frontier Rift. The Frontier Rift is always open so summoners are free to challenge it anytime.

Hunter Orbs recover once every 3 hours.



Like Items Set in Frontier Hunter, Frontier Rift has assistance where you can pick among a few options for your battle. Each Frontier Rift contains different item sets. You are not allowed to use your own items in this area.


Each set will be separated by a number of stages depending on which Frontier Rift challenge you are attempting. After every set of stages, you have three options to select:

  • Continue - Next Floor of 5 rounds.
  • Pause - Saves your progress and allows you to stop playing for now, and you can come back later to resume your progress.
  • Retire - Stops the challenge and will obtain all prizes up to that point.


Unless specified otherwise, Frontier Rift restricts players to only Omni+ Rarity units. Up to 15 units can be chosen, which will serve as your unit inventory for the entirety of the quest.

You will be given the option to change around units in your squad after each set of waves, provided it fits within your Squad Cost. Friend leads can be switched out after each wave as well.


When you are defeated while on a stage, you have the option of using 1 Hunter Orb to restart from the beginning of the current floor.

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